Madlib the Loop Digga against them punk police

Taking hip hop’s most popular sentiment to the next level with a comic book that comes with his latest album…

You’re crazy for this one Madlib…

Not that this is the first time Madlib has taken on them punk police with his beats and rhymes. As MF Doom put it best over a Madlib track, “Can’t reform ’em”.

Above you see an older print made for Madlib’s character Quasimoto, using graffiti to call for freedom for emcee and producer Steady B of Philadelphia, doing life in prison for his part in a bank robbery that ended up with a deceased police officer in 1996.

Here’s a video from Steady B and his crew Countin’ Endless Bank (CEB):

You can find Madlib’s product at or in Vancouver.


One Response to “Madlib the Loop Digga against them punk police”

  1. T.O. Hip Hop Says:


    Check out this song and let me know what you think.
    It’s some local toronto hip hop… from jane.

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