Review: Evidence in Vancouver

Photo by BenMartian

Photo by BenMartian

“Vancouver was a great time. The people out here seem to be living life to the utmosT” – Evidence, October 10, 2009

So I went to the Fresh Air Tour’s Vancouver stop to see Evidence and Evidence only, with no disrespect intended to Toki Wright or Brother Ali who were also on the bill. That’s just what I’m into.

I expected an excellent show from EV and of course he didn’t disappoint and was even better than I expected. Real heartfelt, down-to-earth lyrics, with great delivery and beats and loops.

I especially appreciated Evidence explaining how he’s also a producer and illustrating the production process by playing what he called a “wack” record that he’d sampled for his song the “Cold Weather”, which he then performed. That’s quality edutainment.

Evidence mentioned his production work for various hip hop artists, including Vancouver group, Swollen Members.

I wish more emcees/producers like Evidence would play Vancouver more often and that the local scene was more varied, including different styles of hip hop.


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