Jay-Z in Vancouver and Black Bloc Hip Hop

Personally, I haven’t even bothered to check out Jay-Z’s new album. I’m the kind of old man who’d rather go back and listen to Jay-Z’s “Death of Autotune” producer No I.D.’s album again.

Or Jay-Z’s collaboration with Original Flavor even further back.

But over at the Vengeance blog it was pointed out that Jay-Z’s latest video was visually based on the riot tactic known as the “Black Bloc”.

Of course, Jay Z wasn’t the first to do this.

Nas did it last year.

And Eminem did it before that.

And KRS-One and Buckshot came out with “Robot” before “Death of Autotune” too.

Oh well…

What the f___ is a Black Bloc? Check here…



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