Vancouver Hip Hop History

I’m not endorsing or saying I like all these tracks and artists, but at least it gives you all a slice of the history and present. Okay, I like EQ, Rascalz and Jaykin…

EQ – 2 Much 4 Da Mental

1980s/1990s Vancouver hip hop group consisting of Incredible Ease and Quaze(delic)

Terror T – Total Kaos (1992)

Rascalz – Soul Obligation (1997)

Jaykin – So Sincere/Writing On the Wall featuring Edge 1 & Benny Fresh (2006)

Manik – Commercial Drive (2006)

Emotionz – Skytrain (2007?)

Heatwave – Chill From ’93 Till (2009?)

As a side note, the videos by Terror T and Heatwave (I’m pretty sure) both feature a foot bridge that was built as a result of mom’s taking action, camping out and blockading the railway tracks so that their kids would have a safe way to cross to get to school back in 1971 in Strathcona, East Vancouver.


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