Pam the Funkstress and Invincible in Vancouver

The Coup’s DJ, Pam the Funkstress, played a great mix of old and new, east and west, as she tore up the turntables with her skills at the Under the Volcano music festival in North Vancouver and invited up Detroit MC Invincible and Seattle MCs Khingz and Gabriel Teodros for some decent to excellent (Khingz) freestyles on August 9, 2009. I especially appreciated hearing the MC Breed joint, “Ain’t no future in yo’ frontin'” and “Call me D-Nice”.

Invincible’s own set at Under the Volcano suffered from bad sound, no thanks to the non hip hop fan sound man, I guess. Her DJ seemed like she could use some more confidence too.

The crowd sucked, as always. Hippies and hipsters. Not hip hop. Invincible tried many times to get people to shout back R.I.P. Baatin and J Dilla and Proof, but it seemed like almost nobody knew what was what. So she ended up saying that if you don’t know Dilla you should google him. True, but kinda sad too, given the context.

Invincible got the most response when she shouted out some anti-Olympics sentiment. She’d shown some documentary music videos and done a workshop a few days prior at an art gallery in the Downtown Eastside. The highlight for me was the part of the video showing people in Detroit taking direct action to bust back in and reclaim their homes from foreclosures.


One Response to “Pam the Funkstress and Invincible in Vancouver”

  1. That was dope, I never heard of Invincible before. Looks like I can get the album on myspace.

    Have you listened to Sherman Austin or Drowning Dog from CA? Both anarchist hip hop.

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