Bust ’em out the park mix for May Day

Here’s the track list of the “Bust ’em out the park” mixtape (an actual tape!) that was played over a decent sound system at the May Day celebration event in Grandview Park in East Vancouver on May 1, 2009. The event was alright and people were feelin’ the music but it ended up mostly spoiled by hippies and a confused/selfish woman dominating things and interrupting the tunes. Some leaflets about the history of May Day and other leaflets were grabbed up by the rabble and hotdogs and hippie food were served by separate groups. Hot dogs for the hommies, rabbit food for the hippies.

01 KRS One – Sound Of Da Police
02 J Dilla – F___ The Police
03 Dr Dre & Snoop Dog – Deep Cover
04 Gang Starr – Tha Squeeze
05 Public Enemy – 911 Is A Joke
06 Blahzay Blahzay – Good Cop Bad Cop
07 Geto Boys – Crooked Officer
08 Mobb Deep – Cop Hell (DJ Premier Remix)
09 NWA – F___ The Police
10 Jeru The Damaja – Invasion
11 KRS One – Black Cop
12 2Pac – I Don’t Give A F___ (Feat. Pogo)
13 Geto Boys – G-Code
14 Ice Cube – We Had To Tear This Mothaf__a Up
15 Willie D – Rodney K
16 Non Phixion – How To Kill A Cop
17 Main Source – Just A Friendly Game Of Baseball
18 Herb McGruff – East And Police
19 Strictly Roots – Duck Da Boyz
20 Hard Knocks – Dirty Cop Named Harry
21 Madvillain – Strange Ways

What the f___ is a May Day?

May Day @ Wikipedia


The Dramas of Haymarket



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